Ambassador for Koldinghus and Kolding!


The Koldinghus Order

The Koldinghus Order is a broad popular association, where all over 18 years can become a member. The subscription is DKK 77 per year – so everybody can afford to be a member.

With Koldinghus – the most well-known sight in Kolding as base, the Koldinghus Order want to promote the knowledge of both Koldinghus and Kolding and also to make goodwill.

The Koldinghus Order is not a replacement for or a competitor to other clubs and associations, it is a supplement. You have no duties as a member, and you do not have attended meetings. However, you have the right to attend the two early arrangements that the Koldinghus Order arrange.

In order to become a member you have to go through a worth seeing and amusing admission ceremony, which is characterized by self-irony and humor. Here you accept that you on quite own premises will be a good ambassador for Koldinghus and Kolding.


Friday, November 20, 2020 at 15.00 (open for registration)
(Admission is in Danish)

For groups at more than 10 candidates
there can be arranged a time for admission.


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